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Empty Hands And Heavy Hearts

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Lately Iíve been struggling just to see your face
And everything I reach out for slowly slips away
I was told these days would come, and I thought I could face them
But I am nothing without you. I am nothing without you

Are we sinking in the waves? and everything that I have known has slowly washed away
Please take this away from me because I canít bear the shame
Of knowing I have failed of knowing that I caused all this

You promised me a love, a love that knows no end
And forgiveness as wide as this ocean of selfishness that Iím drowning in
I know that I am called to stand amidst all these struggles
But I am nothing without you; I am nothing without you.

Still I canít help but question what will become of me
If this darkness is all I see
Is this darkness all I can be?

Truly we have found my darkest days
and we are forced to live with my mistakes
but with every passing moment this darkness is overtaking me
With empty hands Iím reaching out is there any hope left for me?

It is your hands that carried me
It is your voice that spoke of a love I never knew
It is your grace that fills me
It is your love that sustains if there is hope it is you.

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